Bumper gift for home and car loan buyers?

NRB's directive provides relief to the debtor, what are the other provisions?
On Tuesday, CEOs of banks and financial institutions held a zoom meeting with Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari of Nepal Rastra Bank. He sought suggestions from the governor on the liquidity and loan investments in the banks. The governor replied angrily. An integrated guideline for banks and financial institutions was also issued on Tuesday, which provided relief to banks and customers.

What is in the NRB directory?

Bumper gift for home and car loan buyers
Nepal Rastra Bank has brought guidelines to make home and car borrowers happy. Interest rates will no longer fluctuate for home and car buyers who take out loans for more than a year.
 NRB has directed banks and financial institutions to disburse home loans and car loans at fixed interest rates. Earlier, borrowers were shocked by the trend of banks calling for such loans and informing them of rising interest rates.In particular, provision has been made not to reduce the interest rate on home loans and car loans flowing in the name of individuals. 
Interest rates on personal term loans with a repayment period of more than one year will have to be maintained at a fixed rate without any change.

No more than 50 percent interest can be charged on call deposit...

Nepal Rastra Bank has made an arrangement not to pay more than 50 percent of the minimum interest rate on call deposit. Nepal Rastra Bank has made such arrangement in the integrated directive issued to Class A, B and C banks and financial institutions.NRB has made an arrangement not to pay more than 50 percent of the minimum interest rate on demand deposit and call information based deposit (call deposit). Checks will not be issued in such accounts. In case of other deposits, the published interest rate can be increased up to 0.5 percentage point.

The borrower will get additional loan..

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has made arrangements for all types of industries and businesses affected by the Corona virus to get working capital loan. All types of industries and businesses affected by the corona virus, which were once determined by issuing the Unified Directive (2077 BS), will get working capital loans.Earlier, only capital-intensive industries could get working capital loan from Covid 19. According to the new arrangement, NRB has made an arrangement to give additional loan up to 10 percent of the term loan to the borrowers who have not taken working capital loan.A maximum of 20 percent of the current capital loan can be disbursed to the borrower who has used the current capital loan for one time and up to 10 percent of the term loan can be disbursed to the borrower who has not used the current capital loan, said the integrated directive issued by NRB.

Excessive debt recovery process cannot be taken forward...

The provision called Debt Recovery Process has been repealed in the Unified Directive 2077 issued on Tuesday. Such provision has been removed from the new directive even though there is a provision to classify such loans and borrowings as bad loans if there is any complaint in any loan exceeding the limit. But those loans have to be counted in the bad category. The recovery process has also been stopped if the loan is not repaid.Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has also sought to stop the manipulation of non-assets. There is a provision in the guideline that the value of non-banking assets at the time of accounting or the amount due at the time of repayment (sum of capital and interest) whichever is higher can be repaid without deduction.
 Assets previously held as non-banking assets could be returned to the borrower as collateral so that the value of the initial accounting could not be deducted.


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