Residential Home in Nepal

With the rapid development in city areas, we see lots of apartments, modern design bungalows, and even condominiums in Nepal nowadays. People are also attracted to live in colonies, the concept widely popular in the city areas. With the change in design approach, many people want to have houses different from usual. Today we will talk about different types of residential home in Nepal. So, let’s talk about various house designs.

Types of Residential Home in Nepal

1) Traditional Nepali House – Nepali Design Homes

Traditional houses are still widely popular all over Nepal. Designing a traditional Nepali home consists of stone walls, thatched or zinc roof, or tin, and pasting the stone walls with manure and clay, which acts as a painting. Traditional Nepali houses also consist of wooden pillars as seen in the log cabins. Tradition Home is the residential home in Nepal for people with traditional thoughts.

Like most of you have guessed, traditional houses are found in the remote areas of Nepal where farming is the main occupation. We can also find a shed in almost all traditional homes. The house is designed in a special way to be able to keep all the agricultural crops as well as per the seasons. A wooden balcony and courtyards are very popular and widely seen in Traditional homes.

Most of the traditional homes are made from stones, wood (in the form of a cabin), which are robust and very warm in winter seasons but very risky to survive earthquakes. As we all know, many traditional homes collapsed and couldn’t survive the 2015 earthquake. So, traditional houses are not the best in terms of safety.

Nowadays modern designs consisting of concrete pillars and earthquake-prone designs are very popular among Nepalese and we can see traditional houses being extinct day by day.

2) Stone Houses

The stone designs are widely popular and used designs in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Stone houses are chosen in cold areas where snow is regular in the winter seasons. We see lots of stone houses when we go trekking. Most of the Himalayan areas are far from road access so people choose stones found in the river banks as the main source to build homes. A house designed and built from stones is very attractive and safe, to say the least. They provide great warmth during harsh winters in the Himalayan region. Stone House is the residential home in Nepal for people living in Himalayan region.

A small house constructed with the supervision of a technical person can be strong and safe but not as reliable as concrete buildings. But they are warm and cozy.

We can find the thatched roof mostly with gable, tin, zinc, and wood. A modern stone house can be seen constructed with cement and pillars which makes the house safer and still providing the traditional looks.

3) Single Family House - Concrete Design

Like the name suggests, a single-family house is not connected to any other houses, sitting alone on a piece of a compound surrounded by the gates. This type of design is very popular in Nepal in recent times which requires an average budget and design is totally safe during earthquakes. Single Family House is one of the famous residential home in Nepal.

These types of house design are popular in suburban areas where the house owner wants to have more privacy. Many traditional houses are also slowly converting into single-family houses made from concrete to provide more safety to the family.

A single-family house doesn’t involve tenants hence more private and family-focused.

4) Joint-Family House

Joint-family houses are more of business-oriented designs. Most cities are following this design to make sure enough space is available for tenants as well. Building a house wouldn’t be beneficial without renting it to the tenants, especially in the cities. The main source of income for most city house owners is from rents as well, so these designs have become a necessity.

A jointly constructed house for multiple family members like two brothers in the same piece of land can also be called Multi-Family Houses. 

5) Apartment and Condominium

The number of apartments is only increasing day by day in cities. Apartments are the modern way of living in the cities with access to more facilities and security. Apartments give the feeling of western countries and luxurious lifestyle. The facilities like a swimming pool, and other recreational activities are common in the apartments.

In Nepal people use the term ‘Apartment’ more often than Condominium, the simple difference is when you can buy the flats it is considered as Condominium, where you own the apartment but not the land, whereas apartment is the term used when flats are rented rather than sold.

In Nepal, companies seem to love the term apartments, so we can also stick with that.

6) Bungalow

Usually, people see a bigger, modern, and expensive house as a Bungalow. But in a proper term, a bungalow can also be defined as a two-storied single-family house, sometimes one-storied, with a sloping roof, dormer windows, and wide ‘Verandas’ with access to big parking space. Bungalows are the residential home in Nepal for rich people.

Bungalows are a very popular design in the west, especially among celebrities and Youtubers. In Nepal, the misconception among people that Bungalows are only for rich people might mislead many investors. In reality, a normal house might cost more than a bungalow.

A Bungalow, however, gives the feeling of modern design and a cozy lifestyle. The term ‘Bungalow’ actually comes from ‘Bengali Huts’. This design became famous during the invasion of the British in India. People mistake Bungalows to be tall buildings but in reality, it is a one or two-storied single-family house.

7) Colony

A colony is a big area that consists of multiple houses of the same design including multiple apartments. For example, ‘Civil Homes’ in Nepal. These types of design have been mostly used in western countries for ages but Nepal has welcomed this design since a decade ago. A colony usually consists of a similar engineering structure. In the near future, the colony is going to be a prior residential home in Nepal.

The main aim of colony houses is to provide a feeling of a nice and good neighborhood that gives more modern feelings. A colony is facilitated with pools, restaurants, grocery stores inside the society itself, which is a great approach, especially during the pandemic. The colony also has its own security services dedicated to the people living inside the colony.

A house inside a colony consists of its own small space for the family to enjoy.

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