Tax on Land/House.

Total Tax payable on Gain

A] Individual 

   1] with in 5 years = 5% on gain Amount

   For Example(50-30)=20*5%=1 Lakhs

    2] 5 or more than 5 Years=2.5% on Gain Amount

     For Example (50-30)=20*2.5%=50 Thousand

B] Entity (Organization, Company or Institution)

     =1.5% on total amount.

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Land Registration Fee

1: Metropolitan City 5% of total worth

2: Metropolitan City 4.5% of total Worth

3: Municipality & VDC 4% of total Worth

4:If property is owned solely by women, 25% concession

  for property in municipal area, and 30% concession for property in rural municipality area.

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In which Condition tax is not charged

1} If you have bought property and its more than 10 years.

   And it should be less than One Ropani then if both criteria meets 

   there will not be tax  charge when selling your land or home.

2] Is property is transferred from  three generations. For example is property

 is transferred from forefather to father/mother and to children's then no tax charge

3] If property is sold on less than previous transaction then 

   there will not be tax charge. 

   For Example

In 2062 B.S Bought 4 Anna land at 20 Lakh per Anna[4*20 Lakh]= 80 Lakh

Now in 2071 B.S Sold Same 4 Anna at 18 Lakh per Anna[4*18 Lakh]= 72 Lakhs   

Sold at loss of 8 Lakhs.


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