Top 10 Real Estate Agencies of Nepal

“Money is a guarantee that we may have what we want in the future. Though we need nothing at the moment it ensures the possibility of satisfying a new desire when it arises.”  -Aristotle

Every person wants to make a profit out of anything as much as possible. It's natural in this era where everyone wants to live a luxurious life. And a life without any real estate property can’t be called luxurious one!! Having real estates is also like one of the future investments as we know that the prices of real estates usually rise up as many times as it is sold. We know that the real estate agencies business is growing in Nepal and it is one of the most promising fields. The real estate business offers exceptional profit for a small risk. In a democratic landlocked country like Nepal, the real estate price is always growing. The statistics also show that such prices will carry on rising in the future. Nepal is heaven for those who recognize this real estate agencies business in one way or the other. Nepal is a land of enormous opportunities for those willing to dwell in the field of land and house buy and sell. 

We, as the family of Gharsanasar, are one of most recommended agencies in Nepal. And we would like to inform you that you can trust our services and support for any real estate activity. We provide services in both offline (in physical meetings) and online forms through our website which has a lot of information about several properties in which you might get interested for sure. We help to determine what legal responsibilities you and the other party have. As other agencies, we act as a mediator between the real owner and the buyer. We know as simple as it may sound but believe us there are several responsibilities which we perform in order to satisfy you and to get you your dream of a house or any other property which you would like to have. 

Although this field of earning money shows a lot of expectations to many people for easy money but while dealing in the business of buying and selling of houses or any property, there are also several threats involved in it and sometimes people who have not met the right persons or the right agencies have fallen into great losses. Some of the threats are mentioned below:- 

1) Many times people get to face fake information providing fraud agents or the fraud agencies. Those fake officials make many scams in which one can lose a lot of money.

2) People sometimes are only shown the best side of the properties and are often kept away from the bad points of properties by many agents or agencies which if later on gets discovered by that owner, they get too many depressing situations to face.

3) There are also some common risk points in such business activities like if one’s property gets damaged due to any natural calamities like storm, earthquake, etc just before or after the buying or selling process at that point one can suffer a high amount of loss.

4) One may have some disturbing surroundings or disturbing neighbours around the properties which are sometimes not informed to the buyer. At that point, one can get a lot of trouble settling down in such conditions.

5) There are few cases in which the buyer might have come up with some tricks to trick the seller such as half of the money being faked one or giving a bounce check. 

In such a situation, it becomes hard for anyone to decide upon whom they need to trust and upon whom they do not. But if you contact us for any of the real estate agencies work then we assure you that you are not going to face any of these or any other similar kind of threats while doing the business. We have gained the 5 star rating for our responsible services not for doing any kind of fraud!!

10 Best Real Estate Agencies of Nepal

If anyone is trying to work in this field without being caught in any kind of threats then he or she might want to contact only the reliable personals or reliable agencies. For making your research easier here are the names of top 10 reliable real estate agencies which are in Nepal:

1) Ghar Sansar 

ghar sansar nepal

One of the most recommended and trust worthy agencies which has been in service to general people for several years for the equal benefit of two different sides of people or among people. We have been working on buying, renting, selling, and leasing property. The agency is one of the leading real estate agencies and rental marketplaces established to help customers. Ghar Sansar offers an online marketplace to buy or rent a house, apartment, and land in Nepal. Moreover, we allow you to gain knowledge about the latest prices of properties. We include land, houses, and apartments. The professional staff at this company provide quality service at the best price. We have been very true with our words and always worked for the satisfaction of the client’s desires. If you want to reach us then here is the reachable options for you:-

Address:Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal

Call Us:+977-9841057532 

Website: Ghar Sansar Nepal

2) Sahil Real Estate 

It was one of the foreign agencies which came to Nepal and started working at a very classy level. It has a well known reputation for being very efficient in match making the buyer with its dream of industrial estate within the nation and beyond the nation too. To contact them one can follow the mentioned ways:- 

Address:-Pulchowk, Lalitpur (Opp. to Everest Bank)

 Phone number:- +977 9851114077 / +977 15-550946

 Email address:-

Website:- Sahil Real Estate

3) Property Finder Nepal

It is also one of the foregin agencies which has got 5 star rating on google map for its continuous and immediate responses to the customers all the 24*7 hours of the week. Mainly people from outside of the nation come to Nepal for settlement through this agency’s support. It is sponsored by sheltek. To contact it one can go through the following details given below:- 

Address:-  8901 Marmora Raod, New Yourk City

                  25 Glasgow, D04 89GR

Telephone : (801) 4256 9856

Telephone : (801) 4256 9658

Email :

Web :

Website : Property Finder Nepal

4) Manpardo Real Estate Pvt./Ltd

They have only 2 service areas available for now but they do their job as one of the top listed agencies which is why they have been rated 5 star. The available two service areas are; Nawalpur and chitwan. They do the selling, buying and renting for their customers. If you wanna contact them then here are few reachable ways to them: -

Address:- Syauli Bazar,Hakim Chowk, Bharatpur -10 , Chitwan, Nepal

Phone number:- +977 9862546923,+977 9862546924,

E-mail address:-

Website: Manpardo Real Estate Pvt Ltd

5) Link Nepal Real Estate

Link Nepal real estate claims to be afflicted by Real Estate Agent Association Nepal (REAAN). They are Advisers of the Real Estate Agencies association. If you’re in the market for a property or looking to sell, buy, and rent , Link Nepal Estates ® is an exclusive marketing program to effectively find  properties all over the NEPAL. So whether you’re interested in finding your dream home or you’re looking to sell / Rental one, Consultants with Link Nepal Real estate®. So if you wanna contact them then here is some information for that:-

Address:- Baneshwor, Nepal

 Phone: 9741469222


Website: Link Nepal Real Estate

6) Zillicom Real Estate

They are one of the multipurpose platforms where they give chances to the new personnel to work for them on different scales along with selling, buying and renting. They even collect property’s videos for their digital platform to show the property. They are working both on an online and offline form however recently they are more focusing on working on an online basis more often while having the goal of oriented career development. The contacting information towards them are as follows:- 

Phone:- +9851168753,+ 9851168753,+ 9851168753,+ 9851168753

Address:- New Baneshwor , Kathmandu


Website : Zillicom Real Estate

7) Property on Ad

It is an official website of Om Asset Management Pvt. Ltd. for managing online business activities. They have been working for 20 years in the buying, selling and renting area. They claim to handle almost all of the work after once the client selects or posts the task for them to do. They aim to provide total quality services to their clients with deep study of the realty market and a comparative analysis of the available properties in Nepal. Anyone with the curiosity to visit them can go through the following details:- 

  •  Call: +977-01-5521679, +977-9864478117 , +977-9851205679

  • Website: Property on Ad

  • Email,

  • Facebook

  • Their offices and phone lines are open 7 days a week 10 am to 6 pm.

8) Nepal Property Search

They are only the advertising group and represent the selling party words. They act like the interrogating intermediates in any buyer and seller’s conversation. If anyone who wants reach them can follow the given details:- 

Address:-Lazimpath, Kathmandu,Central Development Region, Nepal

Phone:- +977-1-4441620


Website: Nepal Property Search

9) Basobass

It is a free Real Estate publicity stand for homeowners, landlords, real estate agents, and brokers. Mr. Binit Sharma is the co-founder of this agency. The agency offers home or property seekers extensive online platforms. This platform innovatively combines at a single stop and provides options for both renting and buying property apartment and locality reviews in Nepal. The agency has a comprehensive and verified database of apartments all over Nepal. Basobaas is well known for providing a vast repository of research on a host of property-related matters. This ranges from legal issues to facility management and home insurance. Basobaas is here to make your search easy for sale or rent of a property. You may use their geolocation mapping feature to find out your dream house or land. They will help you solve your problem in just a few seconds with the help of technology. 

Not only that, the agency promises wealth of knowledge to its clients regarding various aspects of business activities. It will help you in the following ways: 

  • Helping you search for your dream home 

  • Discussion on real-estate developments in Nepal 

  • Assisting with the sale of your property 

You are free to contact this agency if you require any help.

Email addres:- 

Phone:- +977 1 4794134

Website: Basobaas

10) eProperty Nepal

They are recently acting as a marketing place where anyone can reach easily through online media. They claim to be quickly responsive and helpful during negotiations. If anyone wants to contact them then they can follow the given information.

Phone:-014115679, 9851204778


Location:-New Baneshwor , Kathmandu

Website : Eproperty Nepal

Among all of the given top listed agencies, we assure you that we have all which you require for any work related to real estate agencies business activities. 


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