10 Important Bedroom Vastu Tips You Must Look

“Vastu shastra also known as the science of architecture aims to ensure fulfilling lives of inhabitants by taking advantage of assistance given by nature”

Bedrooms are an important inclusion of any household. It is the place for rejuvenation and rest. 

But if the alignment and placement of the bedroom and items in it don’t go well, the activities and quality of sleep there could be deteriorating.

We can enhance the bedroom by using the ancient Indian science of Vastu shastra. This would assure a positive and uplifting atmosphere in the bedroom. 

Here we would discuss 10 Bedroom Vastu tips to have a great bedroom experience. Let’s dig right through this now.

10 Bedroom Vastu Tips 

1) Bedroom Direction

Bedroom Direction Vastu Tips


It is ideal to place the bedroom in the South-west direction of the house. This would assure good health and prosperity for the homeowner and help for longevity. Also, North is another preferred direction for a bedroom. We consider it fortunate for everyone. Referring to younger students, east is the preferred direction as it would help them in their studies. You shouldn’t neglect these bedroom vastu tips.


The South-east and northeast parts of the house aren’t great for placing the bedroom. Bedrooms in the southeast direction can cause quarrels among the couple, the simultaneously north-east direction can cause health issues among the inhabitants of the bedroom.

Direction for Kids Bedroom

The kid’s bedroom is preferable to be constructed in the western zone of the house. 

2) Beds and their placement


East and south directions are great for placing the head. This means we should arrange our bed in the East-west direction or South-north direction.

We should use wooden beds in the bedroom as they generate positive energy. One can preferably use rectangle or square-shaped beds.

Couples should always use the single mattress as it resembles unity and togetherness. 

In the case of the master bedroom, head placement should be in the south or west direction. 


The human body resembles a magnet with two poles (i.e., North and south). Especially because of the iron present in the blood if we sleep with our head in the north direction, the earth’s magnetic field would cause blood to move upward toward the brain.

It isn’t great for your body and causes trouble while sleeping. So, sleeping with the head in the north direction is to be avoided under any conditions. Our bed placement should resemble this understanding. 

For couples, they shouldn’t join two mattresses in their bed. It may cause a broken relationship.

We should place the bed where there is enough space for the flow of energy on either side; likely the head of the bed facing the center part of the wall. Also, Avoiding unorthodox, shaped beds would be a better Vastu practice (i.e., round)

3) Bedroom Color

Colors mean so much more than their visual appearance. They can manipulate our wealth, state of being, and health.


In ideal conditions, the bedroom should have soothing colors like a variation of white, baby pink, or cream. Green and blue are other brilliant colors for the bedroom walls.

The preferred color for different bedrooms:

Master Bedroom


Kid’s Bedroom


Guest’s Bedroom



We shouldn’t use dark colors like black and brown in the bedroom as it causes gloomy moods. Red and their shades are other unfavorable colors. It resembles fierceness and aggression and may cause those qualities to be reflected among inhabitants of the bedroom.

4) Door and its Placement

The door of the bedroom should open completely to 90° with no kind of noise. Also, the attached bathroom door should have the same qualities and we should keep them shut under all conditions.

The bedroom door shouldn’t open in the south direction under all circumstances. Also, the door shouldn’t open facing the base part of the bed.

5) Mirror and closet placement

Beds shouldn’t have mirrors in front of them. Vastu shastra considers it ill-fated to have the reflection of the sleeping person’s body in the mirror. If it’s already so, placing the cloth on top of the mirror would be a solution.

We should place the heavier furniture in the room like closets in the south, south-west, or west direction.

6) Clutter-Free Bedroom

One should remove all the clutter from the bedroom including broken and unused items. First, doing so would make the bedroom look great and helps in the disturbance-free movement of energy.

Another great practice is going to be cleaning the floor once a week. It would expel negative energies from the bedroom.  

One should avoid keeping unnecessary photographs and art forms in the bedroom, especially of deceased ancestors. Married couples shouldn’t keep pictures of the widow or alone women in the bedroom.

7) Non-inclusion of Gadgets

In the modern era, people combine the living room and kitchen into the bedroom. This means adding electronic appliances like refrigerators and TV into the bedroom.

Unless it's unavoidable, electronic gadgets shouldn’t be in the bedroom. Not only the indulgence in these gadgets may hamper your sleep schedule but the harmful radiations they emit aren’t great either.

8) Plant for Bedroom

Plants are always the great inclusion; wherever possible. Not only do they ensure great indoor air quality but are great for aesthetics too. They create an uplifting atmosphere and a positive aura in its periphery.

Few plants that can add glory to your bedroom as per Vastu are:

  1. Bamboo plant

  2. Lavender plant

  3. Jasmine plant 

  4. Lily plant.

9) Pregnancy and Vastu

A bedroom in the northeast isn’t great for couples planning to conceive a child. If they eventually succeed, it will likely lead to miscarriage.

After a successful pregnancy, the southeast bedroom isn’t great for couples because of excessive heat.

10) Things to stay away from in Bedroom

Few things that are to be avoided in the bedroom are:

  1. Overhead beams above bed

  2. Open window behind bed

  3. Temple


Here, we have discussed many tips for enhancing the bedroom experience using the ancient science of Vastu shastra. You must be very careful about these Bedroom Vastu Tips. We wish you would be able to use these tools to live a harmonious life. Thank you!!!


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