5 Major Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Investing in a property, be it house or apartment, is a big step. Not only you have to be careful, but you have to be smart as well. It’s all about the right decision that will benefit you. You need a clear thought and concise evaluation for the conclusion of this magnitude. Kathmandu is a densely populated city. Therefore, finding a suitable shelter at an affordable price is challenging. However, here are the major benefits of living in apartments:

 5 Benefits of Living in an Apartment

1) Safety

For any parents, the safety of their children and the whole family has always been the most pressing matter. Safety is one of the important benefits of living in an apartment. The modern way of living, in the form of an Apartment, is just the right place to ensure the safety of the residents 24/7. Buying or renting an apartment in Kathmandu and major cities of Nepal is at a peak level and its popularity is only growing. We can see the level of securities used in the western countries in the movies which make us say ‘Wow’. While living in the apartments, we, the Nepali citizens, can also experience the international level of security one way or another. 

While building an apartment, it is mandatory for any construction company to include all essential forms of security like security cameras, fire extinguishing systems, locking systems, and many more. We can see the apartments are always guarded by the security personnel 24/7 – another factor of security. Besides your family, there are hundreds of other family members too which is always a plus point in case of emergency. Not only family members but many individual businessmen, working women, and investors find the apartments very safe to work and live in. not to mention apartments are also situated in the area where fire brigades and policemen can reach very quickly if needed.

2) Large Community

For people who believe in social gatherings, frequent interactions with neighbors, sharing feelings with loved ones, apartments are the perfect place to live. Not only you can interact with various people from different fields, but you can also get insights into new information and news every single day. Many times you might find the right neighbors who can be your closest friends to enjoy the weekends. When you live in a community you share a lot of things with other apartment members, the feeling is similar to living in a village full of relatives. The large community also ensures safety and many helping hands during emergencies.

But you should also consider the circumstances where you might be irritated with the neighbors due to their behaviors. Everything has its pros and cons so sometimes we have to adjust to the community, either interesting or boring.

3) Amenities

This is related to luxury and comfort. When someone lives in an apartment, it’s no news that he/she should pay a good amount to buy or rent it. So, amenities are something that comes with a price. The more expensive the apartment, the better amenities or comfort you get. Every apartment provides built-in specific amenities or luxury features like swimming pools, a gym, convenience stores, luxurious café, roof-top restaurants, and many more. Apartments provide a recreational center to their residents which is always a plus point. These are the facilities which would cost you a fortune to build in your own home.

Especially during a pandemic like Covid-19, when people are restricted to move freely, apartments can be the best place to live in, due to the facilities residents can get within the apartment complex.

4) Size

Even a simple apartment consists of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and bedroom, to simply put, a home. So, anyone wanting to settle in cities like Kathmandu, who can afford or have a decent job, can always go for apartments rather than renting multiple rooms in congested places where you don’t have enough room to feel relaxed. Even if the apartment is small, it has enough rooms and free space where you feel relaxed, safe, and quaint. This is one of the benefits of living in an apartment.

Apartments are also the best place to live in for students, working colleagues, who want to live as roommates, this way costs will also be distributed and they also get the best facilities to enjoy and live freely. Whenever you feel bored, you can enjoy swimming, playing snooker, going to an in house cafe, so, apartments can be the dream home for you.

5) Limited Responsibilities

When you buy or rent an apartment, there are so many things that you should not worry about. Building a house can be a headache for some people as it involves so many legal responsibilities and requirements to fulfill. Buying a house can also be challenging which involves a lot of site visiting, choosing the best place, finding a decent house near a city is not just time-consuming but also expensive, SOO EXPENSIVE, considering you might have to pay more than 50 Lakhs NPR per Aana in major cities. On the other hand, finding an apartment can be comparatively easier. Plus you get the security service, proper drinking water facility, in-house convenience store. You rarely have to worry about maintenance, garbage management, legal disputes, and many more. Likewise, you rarely find a good place to rent in cities, especially in Kathmandu, even if you find one, it will cost you a lot for a small, dark and cold room, not so convenient is it?

Q) Where to find the best apartment for Sale in Kathmandu?

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