6 Steps to protect plasters from Cracks.

Living and building dream home is every one Concerns. Every day Millions homes are establishing, one may be next to you. Spending 6th portion of life saving to build house. Most people save and choose materials that looks budget friendly. What we dont know, is it okay to used Low cost Materials while building. Of, course not best way is to concern your experts in markets. And listen to other while they are facing issue with low cost materials.

Here, are some 6 Steps you should know while applying a plaster on you Concrete and Walls.

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  • Chicken Mesh

What ever blocks and bricks you are using for wall, best way to protect your paster is to do chicken mesh between your joints such as Near to beam structure . What is chicken mesh? It's a iron net which is used to make shelter for animals like chickens like a barbed wires. Applying right 3 meter both sides from centres before applying plasters.

PVC Groove Joint for External Wall | Ho Shen Lee

  • Grove

Before you apply chicken mesh make a groove. Groove is deep line between your column and joints. Groove should not be more deep than 10 mm. After making a groove and applying chicken mess will protect your plaster to reduceds cracks.

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  • Recron 3s Fiber

Whenever you are making plaster mixture it might be1/4 or 1/6 ratio of Cement/Sands. Best methods to prevent cracks is to mix recron 3s fiber with your mixture.  Instruction of applying recron can be seen on packing. More information about it you can click here

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  • Tacha

Tacha is the method used from ancient times. Which is to make random scratchs by small axe on your Pillars, Beams,Colums or all the Concrete spaces.It makes your mixture to fix smoothly. So after there are no future problems with falling and cracks plasters.


  • DPC( Damp Proof Course) 

When ever you are applying plaster to any space which are touched or faced with Earth or Zero side of property. You just need to mix a water proofing chemicals. Yes it might be a little more costly but at the end it will protect your home from unwanted future loss.

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  • Sand 

Always check your sands if it has mixture of soils and other foreign particles.Best was to seperate sand quality is to check by yourself sand particles. We will soon update the blog and video post on sand quality.

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  • Curing

Curing is the best way to make your plaster stay longer. Curing is done by watering the finished walls parts for days . Mostly 14 days for summer time, 10 days minimum in winter  and in rainy day make sure plaster are cured with water for 10 days. 

These are some life and money saving ideas to protect your home from future loss.

We hope you have liked our solution towards the plasters.

Thank you and you can check more on our other blogs.




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