What kind of Bricks is Best?

Bricks is one of the Basic need to build your home. Since 80's people are using bricks as a reliable material to cover your home for protection from different environmental changes like rain, Storms and unwanted beings to enter your living space. In todays current situation we can find different kinds of bricks to construct wall for home.

We can find good quality bricks which are basically red in color. If colors like faded red, yellow and grey bricks mean weather its under cooked or over cooked in brick plants. These color faded bricks are the main reason to have a poor building lifespan. And when time goes by it creates different types of issues which can burn from your pocket. Before buying Checking the condition of bricks is the best way to prevent your future losses.

Let's Start with Types of Bricks found in Nepal and its Standard Sizes available.

Name Length Wide Breath
Local Bricks 9.5 Inches 4.5 Inches 2.2 Inches
Terai Bricks  9.5 Inches 4.5 Inches 3 Inches
AAC Bricks 23.5 Inches 9/8/6/5/4/3 Inches 7.5 Inches

In this blog we are discussing more about how to know and find good quality bricks.

To prevent weakness to your construction here are some solutions. Best way is to send your purposed bricks to lab test. Which is not possible for everyone. So, try out these test by yourself


Water test can help you a lot when finding out best bricks from market. If you have selected bricks then test 2-3 bricks from suppliers. Before testing measure there total weight and note it. Soak bricks in water for 24 hours, for this your can use any kind of bucket. Fill it with water and place it for 24 hrs. Once time limit has been reached again measure it again and note it. If total increased  weight is under 15% of total weight then it means its good quality bricks, if its over 15% means it is not good brick for your home. High water absorption bricks will create issue on your wall plasters. In future cracks and leakage issue will be seen. Best under 20% bricks is best for construction. To calculate use this formula =(W1-W2)/W1*100


Test your brick how tough it is. Why this test is required because your bricks has to bear load of structure. More strong more better. To do this test you can pick your preferred brick and drop it from 4 Feet above. If it survives the fall and didn't break means its a good quality bricks. If it breaks then you have to know it is not good for your construction.


​​​​​​​For this test you need to see if bricks appears to look good in condition. People will deceive you selling bricks for money. Be aware of these kind of fraud. So look thoroughly if the bricks appearance looks good.


​​​​​​​For this test you need to again submerge bricks for 24 hours and after 24 hours look at bricks for white spots . If Spots are covered more than 30% then it mean the bricks its effected by soluble Salt. These whiteness spots are worst pain for every construction. So, if the whiteness is lesser than 30% we recommend these kind of bricks for your structure.


​​​​​​​As we have shown briefly about standard sizes of different bricks for building construction. Sizes and shapes of your bricks can lower you building cost as well. Always look out for best sizes and shapes. Shapes of a good quality bricks are always even from all sides and smooth from all sides.


​​​​​​​You can use any equipment's to scratch test. You need to tests 4-5 bricks randomly from bulk and scratch it. If the scratch is almost impossible or starched area is not deep and looks reads means its a perfect bricks for you. If scratch is deep and you can feel yellowish from inside with lose clay particle which indicates of only one thing of bad bricks. So be aware what looks from outside always is not best. 


​​​​​​​To do this test you need to break 2-3 bricks into two part. and look at it. If it looks red and no mixture of foreign particles then its a good bricks. If its yellow or you can find small stones, dust or any other substances which is not clay means these kind of bricks are not suitable for your structure.

And the last and final test...


​​​​​​​We hope everyone is aware of this test. Yes, you just need to slam two bricks. As, a result if the sound produced from colliding bricks comes like bell means yes, its a good brick. And what if the sound as a result comes lower, means its not good for construction.

These test can be done in home by yourself without any professional needs. Test and find your good bricks out of Market near by you. 

We are glad and always happy to share different kinds of blogs regarding construction.

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