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People are willing to buy homes in Kathmandu because Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. A lot of the facilities required for the overall human enhancements are available in Kathmandu. We, as a society, have embarked on a path to digitize everything. But until recently, digitalization wasn’t still able to cover the real estate industry in its totality. 

People interested in buying a home had no clue about properties that are actually on sale. In case someone recommended something to them, the chances of it matching the requirement were close to none. Ultimately, they had to roam from neighborhood to neighborhood, searching for that perfect house.

We, the team of GharSansarNepal, realized this and undertook the challenge of revolutionizing the house buying process. Ghar sansar nepal is the fruit of the same effort. 

Today, we will explain everything you would need to buy a home in Kathmandu from start to finish. Let’s get started:

Can Foreigners Buy Property In Nepal?

Unfortunately, foreigners can not buy property in Nepal independently. But one can own property as part of the business if they have it registered in Nepal.

Alongside, NRN’s (Non-Resident Nepali) can buy a home in Nepal with a certain limitation (i.e., up to 2 Ropanis of land/house in Kathmandu and up to 5.5 Ropanis of land/house in the Terai region)

What are the best places to buy homes in Kathmandu?


It is on the outskirts of Kathmandu near Shivapuri national park. Here the Greenery and low pollution are the trademarks of this area. Another major attraction includes the historical Budhanilkantha temple.

New Baneshwor

New Baneshwor lies in the center of the valley. One of the chief attractions of this place is Madan Bhandari road, which is the most beautiful and spacious highway in kathmandu. It is also home to many hospitals, educational institutions, and shopping complexes. 

Home-Buying Checklist for Newcomers

Before you buy a home in Kathmandu, you may need to look at a few details early on. Let's know about them:

Figure out what you can afford

Budget is one key factor while preparing to buy a home. This would directly affect every decision down the line. So be absolutely clear on the price you are ready to pay, upon finding that sublime house that fits your needs.

Decide your preferred location

Every individual has a different opinion about their preferred location. Some may prefer to live in the outskirts of Kathmandu with greenery and a taste of rural life.

Some may prefer living in the hotspots of the town with easy access to hospitals, schools, and basic life facilities. 

The varying opinions may continue while deciding the community you would like to join. Whatever be your decision, understand that a kind and understanding community would ease your life beyond your imagination. 

So choose your preferred location by taking these into consideration. Deciding it early would ease your home search by many folds.

Understand Your Mortgage Options

The financial institution of Nepal has made the home loan process effortless (i.e., every major bank and cooperative provides home loans at a low interest rate of 10 to 15%). So, if finances are the issue, these institutions can come up to your rescue.

These institutions may require certain criteria to be fulfilled before they approve the loan. The criteria are:

  • Applicant must be 21 years or older

  • The EMI must not exceed 60% of the total income of the household.

  • The home you are planning to buy shouldn’t exceed a certain age, which may differ among different banks. (NIC ASIA Bank has mentioned that the age of the house should not exceed 30 years at the time of application).

If you want to purchase the house using our website, we would even take care of this using our partnerships with the banks. Just fill out your contact details through the home loan section on our website and we would reach out to you.

Start Your Home Search

You can buy a home through GharSansarNepal with great ease. Let us show you how we can do that:

  1.  Firstly, visit our website and register yourself by clicking on the Login/Register button in the top right corner.

  2. After registration, click on the Dashboard button at the top-right corner, then move over to the profile section and fill out some of your details.

  3. Then click on the GharSansar logo at the top left corner. After that, click on the buy button on the navigation bar at the top and then move over to the house section. Or you can directly click here: house

  4. We list the homes on the website as shown in the picture. Upon clicking on it, you would find further information about the home. Click here to know more about this home that is on sale through our website.

  5. On the property description page, click on Send Buy Request to buy the property. If you have filled your profile details with the phone number, we would contact you to guide you through the process. The icon appears as follows:

Details we offer

We understand that before making a crucial decision; you need proper details about the property. Some descriptions that we include about every home are:

  • Price

  • Location 

  • Built year

  • Land area

  • Home area

  • Parking space

  • Number of storey

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of living rooms

  • The direction the property is facing

  • Picture of every corner of the home

Through our descriptive writing, we try to give you a virtual tour of the home with details about what is in each storey, if a garden is present, the water facility, and every minor detail you might be interested in.

Contact Details

If you want to get in touch with us, call us at +977-9841057532 (Sunday-Saturday: 7 am-6 pm). For more information, go through this link: contact us.

Why You May Consider Buying A Home In Kathmandu?

Home is not a luxury rather a basic requirement of every human being. So if you are living in a rented home and can afford to buy one, why not?

Also, our beautiful capital city attracts people from all around the nation. So even if you already have to buy a home in Kathmandu — with more and more people arriving in this city, you may use our website to buy the home, and later resell them for a quick profit.


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