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Are you willing to buy a beautiful house in Kathmandu? Browse gharsanar and know House Prices in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a beautiful as well as traditional and cultural main sited city where many people would love to have a house of their own. Those who want to have a desire to get a building or house in their name must need to have some information regarding several rules and regulations concerning the house buying and selling procedure which are followed in the city. In the blog, we are also going to answer a few questions which might rise normally in anyone’s mind. 

Before anything else one must know that Kathmandu comes in the third position among the expensive cities of south asia and in the 118th position in the world. In comparison to India, Nepal might be 4.5% more expensive. This clarifies that it's not easy to get the best offer in buying residential property. However with our support you may get the best deal ever. All you have to do is to stay in contact with us and we will get you the desired property which you have been waiting for long to get. 

Kathmandu, because of being the capital city of our nation Nepal, has several facilities. However, the services sometimes seem like they don't come with fairfull prices and yes!! Several times scammers scam people with fake property papers and fake words. To identify the scammers and get profit is not as easy as it may sound as they are one with a lot of information in comparison to buyers. We assure you that if you contact us for any real estate business or to buy any house or building that you would be protected from all of the possible scammers and frauds. To be alert, we would like to inform you with some basic information which might come in handy during buying or selling activities. 

➤What is the average cost of building a house in nepal?

⇒ According to jointread, The average cost of building a 30X30 standard 2 floored house is Rs. 55,00,000/-. The average cost of building a premium one floor house in Nepal is Rs. 40,00,000/- which is pretty costly so many people prefer to buy a house rather than building one after buying land in Kathmandu. According to housingnepal, Approximate cost of Building a one Storey Home in Kathmandu per square feet starts from Rs. 32 lakh onwards.

➤ Around how much the houses in Kathmandu might cost?

⇒ According to housingnepal, 60,00,000 depending upon cost of building material and contractor's fee. It might vary from place to place due to different linked infrastructures and religious spots.

➤ Is it possible for a foreigner to buy a house or any building type of properties within Kathmandu valley?

⇒ Yes, a foreigner can buy physical properties within the Kathmandu valley but within a condition only and that is he/she must have to buy the property in the name of any company or organization. This means that he/she can’t buy the properties on his own name. Neither he/she can give the property to anyone unless he/she uses the name of any kind of organisation or company for gifting to the person whom the owner wants to sell.

➤ Will the buyer be in regularly for any better sale offers lunch?

⇒ Yes, if you contact us and just inform us about your choices we (Ghar Sansar family) will always try to reach you as quickly as possible to get you the best deals on time. For faithful information you can definitely trust us.

It's very rare to get right information at the right time about sales of different properties within the Kathmandu valley if you are trying to do all the things on your own. For the best convenience of our customers, we have arranged a website for the busy and distant peoples where our customers can easily go through the information provided by the selling person. That way a lot of valuable time can be conserved on the both buying and selling side. The link for visiting our website is 

We also know that some people, although having the will to buy the house of their dream inside the Kathmandu valley, sometimes don't have enough money to buy it. For those people, we are also providing home loans with a small interest rate of 10.5%. Those who are ready to take a loan from our organization don't have to go through many troublesome details, they just have to fill out some basic details regarding their personal information like phone number and the property details for which they are taking loan. If you are thinking to contact our services then, some of the reachable way to us are given below:- 

  • Address:Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Call Us:+977-9841057532

  • You may also do what’s app call with the above number too 



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