How to Create a Perfect Reading Corner At Home

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” - Jim Rohn

Who doesn’t love a peaceful space at home, where one can sit down, take a sip of coffee, and read that amazing novel. Even better if it can accommodate your pal, partner, or pet.

Create a Perfect Reading Corner at Home

One can come up with a perfect reading corner by combining these 6 components. They are:

  1. Choosing Space that protects your privacy.
  2. Soft cozy chair.
  3. Bookshelf.
  4. An alive plant in a small pot.
  5. Wall arts and suitable color in the wall.
  6. Proper lighting to aid reading.

I have briefly elaborated these points below:

1) Choose a space that protects your privacy

One can choose any sort of space for creating the reading corner. It can be near your garden, inside your bedroom, or better, a dedicated room for reading. Choosing a space that protects your privacy is the first step to create a perfect reading corner at home.

But make sure that space would prevent any form of distraction from your cozy time. I prefer when we can lock these kinds of spaces upon a wish.

2) Soft Cozy Chair

Soft Cozy Chair - To create perfect reading corner at home

A Comfy chair where you can melt into is all you need to create that peaceful mood. You may prefer reading alone or with a pal, so decide the size of the chair accordingly.

The chair color would go great if it’s on the lighter side, preferably white.

Make sure that the chair has that cozy, soft texture that won’t bother your longer stays and occasional naps.

3) Bookshelf

Bookshelf - To create perfect reading corner at home

A reading space would obviously go great with a properly sized bookshelf. It would also help organize the space properly, as the major items in your reading corner would be books themselves.

You can go the extra mile to match the color of the bookshelf with the color of the chair and wall. You can hang a bookshelf onto the wall or place it on the floor.

Bookshelves that allow the full face of books to show upfront would be a better choice for kids. 

Dont forget to buy some new books and fill up the bookshelf.

4) An alive plant in a small pot

An alive plant in a small pot - To create perfect reading corner at home

Researches repeatedly show that having an alive plant in your living space helps clean up toxins and keep the air fresh. Greenery also helps to create a positive atmosphere.

And how can one forget the beauty an alive plant could exude in the reading corner? We can match the color of the pot with the rest of the items for better aesthetics. 

5) Wall arts and suitable color on the wall


Light colors like green, blue, cream, and white would go great on your reading corner walls. Dark colors like black create a dull atmosphere that you would want to prevent. 

Wall arts can be another amazing inclusion in the reading corner. If properly chosen can be a gateway for a harmonious interior design.

6) Proper lighting to aid reading

We must ventilate the reading corner for light and airflow. This assures that reading would cause no strain in our eyes. Also, proper airflow elevates our mood. 

Other than natural sunlight, we must include a reading lamp as our light source in our reading corner. 

Some Bonus Tips

We can add elegant-looking curtains to give that finishing touch to the reading corner. 

We can also set up tea and coffee makers for added comfort and luxury.


If these components are blended properly, the reading corner would be an exceptional place where your friends and family would also want to sneak into. All the very best in your endeavor to create the cozy, intimate reading corner at your home


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