How to create positive energy at home according to Vaastu?

In Hindu culture, Vaastu Shastra is considered to help promote the overall wellbeing and sound health of offspring. Vaastu Shastra consists of numerous texts that describe several principles of design, measurements, layout, spatial geometry, ground preparation, and space arrangement. Overall it is architectural. The word Vaastu is derived from the Sanskrit word Vaas: Live Tu that simply translates to a place where you dwell or live. Sanskrit has always been a source of knowledge and wisdom. In other words, Vaastu and Astrology are deeply interlinked with each other. Astrology is a science that shows how stars and heavenly bodies have an impact on humans. Hence both Astrology and Vaastu tell us how 12 zodiac signs, planets, and 27 constellations have an impact on our way of living. Now let’s talk about how to create positive energy at home according to Vaastu.

Create Positive Energy at Home According to Vaastu

1) Windows

Windows are one of the major factors that contribute to create positive energy at home according to vaastu. Vaastu suggests that we place a window to the east in such a way that we can get the maximum sunlight inside the house. According to Vaastu, placing a window in the east brings maximum prosperity and happiness to the family. This is because, according to Hindu religion, Sun is considered god or soul (Atmakaraka) which is also the governing body of Leo, one of the 12 zodiac signs. So, when you build a house, it’s always a wise decision to face the house towards the east.

2) Staircase

Staircase is another major factor that contribute to create positive energy at home according to vaastu. Vaastu strictly restricts building a staircase near the main door entrance of the house. Why? Because, according to the North-East direction of Ketu, having a staircase in that area not only brings less fortune to the house but also causes a lot of delusion in the family. So what is the best way to build a staircase? Well, the Vaastu says, having a staircase that goes from North to South or starts from east and ends to the west, is the best way which brings lots of energetic vibes to the house.

3) Entrance Door

Vaastu approves to have the main entrance door either in the East or North direction. Like windows, having an entrance in the east also brings lots of prosperity to the house due to the maximum sunlight. Entrance isn’t only the entering point for family members but also the entry point for positive vibes. To continuously get positive energy inside a house, Vaastu doesn’t approve of having shoe racks near the entrance, especially in the east and north directions.  Either north, east, or northeast, is the best direction to make an entrance to the house.

Ever wondered how many doors would be appropriate to put in the entrance? Well, according to the Vaastu, the maximum you can build is 2 doors in the entrance area. Having doors more than 2 is, as per Vaastu, the invitation to bad or negative vibe/energy. Vaastu suggests keeping the number of windows and doors to an even number. Having an exit door smaller than the Entrance door always brings a positive vibe inside the house. This is because an even number tells everything is perfectly balanced.

4) Kitchen

The best direction to have a kitchen is the southeast direction because this is where Agni, The Lord of Fire, reigns, according to Hindu religion. The kitchen is always the main focus of the house. Vaastu also suggests having the stove in such an area that the person who cooks always faces east while preparing food.

5) Temple and photos of Deities

If you are Hindu, most of you probably know that we always have a small temple or Pooja room inside the house. Vaastu tells us to always locate our temple to face the North-East direction because Jupiter, one of the planets, rules that direction. Likewise, any Hindu family loves putting the picture of departed souls in the house, however, Vaastu tells us to avoid putting the pictures of the departed souls in the temple or Pooja room.  Talking about pictures, the best direction to keep the photos of deities is the East direction.

6) Impact of Moon

Hindus always consider the Moon as the sign of good fortune and happiness. We also worship Moon on various occasions so, for us, Moon has a great impact on our life. According to the Vaastu, the North-west direction is always ruled and blessed by the Moon which is why it is considered a stroke of bad luck to dump the waste in that direction. We also should be careful to keep this side of the house always in reach of sunlight. Otherwise, the female members of the house always face negative energy and suffer from ill-health.

Vaastu Shastra is not a superstition, it is backed by Science, so, following the rules and knowledge provided by the Vaastu will always benefit family members for a long time. According to Vaastu, the above factors are very important to create positive energy at home.


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