How to find Cheaper Home and land Deals in Nepal.

Markets on Real Estate are growing healthier day by day. Prices are always raising due to high demand. Fewer supply of land and huge demand has made direct impact on price hike.


Look at the table format Sale of Land plot from 2059 B.S till 2078 B.S. in Nepal.

Actual data of plot pulled from malpot from Kalanki, Chabel, Bhaktapur and lalitpur.

Kathmandu, Sitapaila Area 
First Seller Name - Sahadev Baskota 
- 4 Anna Plot

Nagarjun Municipality Profile | Facts & Statistics – Nepal Archives

Date  Sold Price per Anna Increament Difference
2063 B.S. 5,50,000  First Sale   
2065 B.S. 7,00,000 27.2727% 1.5 Lakh
2068 B.S. 9,00,000 28.5714% 2 Lakh
2069 B.S. 11,00,000 22.2222% 2 Lakh
2073 B.S 14,00,000 27.2727% 2 Lakh
2074 B.S. 15,50,000 10.71429% 1.5 Lakh
2075 B.S. 19,00,000 22.58065% 3.5 Lakh
2078 B.S. 23,50,000 23.6842% 4.5 Lakh








Budhanilkantha, Bangal Area
First Seller Name- Mina kumari Tamang            
- 4 anna Plot

Map of Budhanilkantha Municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal – Nepal Archives

Date Sold Price per Anna Increasement Difference
2059 B.S 2,50,000 First Selling price  
2062 B.S 6,00,000 140% 3.5 Lkah
2066 B.S 8,50,000 41.6667% 2.5 Lkah
2073 B.S 12,00,000 41.1765% 3.5 Lakh
2078 B.S 31,00,000 158.3333% 19 Lakh






Lalitpur , Godawari, Harissidhi 
First Seller Name- Babu Kaji Maharajan 
-4 Anna Plot

2 Map of Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City and Lalitpur Ward 12 The... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Date Sold Price Per Anna Increasement Difference
2063 B.S 3,00,000 First Selling Price  
2076 B.S 21,00,000 600% 19 Lakh
2078 B.S 32,00,000 52.381% 11 Lakh





Bhaktpur ,Lokanthali    
First Seller Name- Shova Karki 
-4 Anna Land Plot

Map of Bhaktapur District of Nepal – Nepal Archives

Date Sold Price Per Anna Increasement Difference
2061 B.S 4,00,000 First Sale Price  
2063 B.S 6,00,000 50% 2 Lakh
2063 B.S 8,00,000 33.33% 2 Lakh
2071 B.S 15,00,000 87.5% 7 Lakh
2078 B.S 32,00,000 113.3333 17 Lakh






Looking at Data that we have collect from different source. Malpot Adda.

Those who acted on the time has gained alots from the investment. Though the price are still growing in Market.

How to find the best land and houses out of this competative market in Nepal, Kathmandu.

Tips and Tricks

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  • Real Estate: Always stay touched with different real estate developers or online platform like from Social Media Follow them to get new updated news. You can check Gharsansar as well.
  • Newspapers: Make a habit of reading newspaper articles. Some goods deals are alway found on classified section. Best thing is you can find those property which are going to be auctioned . Always check those area for good oppourtunities.
  • Bank, Financial Institution: If you have a bank account and has to visit bank. You must have to visit loan department and Bank manager office. Some deals which can make your money doubled are sitting on those area. So feel free to talk to them about any loan property going to be auctioned at markets on lower prices.
  • Realtors: And the final part is to be in touched with local real estate, Realtors. These people are always have some properties which are in market for sale. Keep in touch with them.

Following these simple steps can make your chances higher finding BEST DEALS ON HOUSE AND LAND IN KATHMANDU, LALITPUR, BHAKTPUR and rest all over nepal.

If you are looking buy oppourtunity we are always providing skilled and best valued and cheap properties all over Kathmandu, Do follow us in Facebook, Instagram or check our new updates in our website offical websites. Or you can be touch with our teams.



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