Land Measurement in Nepal

Bigha, Kattha, Dhur, Ropani, Aana, and Paisa are the popular units used all over Nepal for the measurement of Land. If we focus specifically on the region then we might find that in the Terai region ‘Bigha’ and ‘Dhur’ are mostly used as the measurement unit. Whereas ‘Ropani’ is most popular and used in the Hilly region of the country.

As per the land measurement system of Nepal, Daam is the lowest unit of measurement in Nepal, equivalent to 21.39 Sq. feet or 1.99-meter sq. In the Terai region Bigha is the largest measurement system which is equivalent to 20 Kattha or 72900 sq. ft. 1 Kattha can be further divided into 20 Dhur which is equivalent to 3645 Sq. Ft. 1 Dhur is exactly 182.25 Sq. Ft. The popular measurement system of Capital city, Ropani, can be further divided into 16 Aana which is equivalent to 5476 Sq. Ft. 1 Aana can be divided into 4 Paisa which is equivalent to 342.25 Sq. Ft. Even 1 Paisa is equivalent to 4 Daam or 85.56 Sq. Ft, to be exact.

Land Measurement in Nepal

Popular Land Units


Square Feet

Meter Square


1 Bigha(बिघा)

20 Kattha

72900 Sq.  Ft

6,772.63 m²

13.31 Ropani

1 Kattha(कठ्ठा)

20 Dhur

3645 Sq. Ft

338.63 m²


1 Dhur(धुर)


182.25  Sq. Ft

16.93 m²


1 Ropani(रोपनी)

 16 Aana

5476 Sq. Ft

508.72 m²


1 Aana(आना)

4 Paisa

342.25 Sq. Ft

31.80 m²


1 Paisa(पैसा)

4 Daam

85.56   Sq. Ft

7.95 m²


1 Daam(दाम)  


21.39   Sq. Ft

1.99 m²



Like we said, in Kathmandu valley ‘Aana’ and ‘Ropani’ system is quite popular. Talking about the local measurement system for length, 1 Gaj is equivalent to 1 yard which is exactly 0.9144m. Likewise, 1 Kosh is equal to 480 Danda which gives the total measurement of 3.218 KM which is exactly 2 miles. Similarly, 1 Janjeer has 9 Haat whereas 1 Danda contains 4 Haat. 1 Haat can be furthered divided into 2 Bitta and 1 Bitta can be divided into 18 Angul. In Kathmandu valley, the lowest measurement system is Daam, and the largest is Ropani.

Measurement (Length)


Meter/ Kilometer

1 Gaj

1 Yard


1 Kosh

480 Danda

3.218 KM (2miles)

1 Janjeer

9 Haat


1 Danda

4 Haat


1 Haat

2 Bitta


1 Bitta

18 Angul


Weight measurement in Nepal

Measurement (Weight)


1 KG

5 Pau inside KTM valley = 4 Pau outside KTM valley

1 Pau

19 Tola = 199 grams

1 Tola

100 Lal = 11.66 grams

1 Chatak

4.5 Tola = 58.31 grams

1 Pau

4 Chatak

1 Seer

0.9331 KG

1 Dharni

12 Pau = 2.3934 KG

1 Maund

37.3242 KG

1 gm

8.573 Lal

1 Pound

0.4536 KG

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How many Dhur is in one Aana?

To be exact 1 Aana is equal to 1.8779149519890261 Dhur. Or we can say 100 Dhur is equivalent to 1.05 Aana. Now the rest is simple math.

How much is 1 Kattha in square meters?

1 Kattha is exactly 338.63 m² which is 72900 Sq.  Ft.

How do you convert Kattha to meters?

1 Kattha = 338.63 m²

2 Kattha = 2*338.63 m² = 677.26 m²

10 Kattha = 10*338.63 m = 3386.3 m²






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