Sands Types

Sand is the basic materials that is used in more volume to establish your sturcture. Either its Residential, Industrial or Commercial use.In todays world without sand building a structure is almost impossible.

Amazing Sands from Around the World

Constructional used sand and cements are key components. Due to its size and compressed volume from 18th century. With the used of sands even very complex buildings are established in world. Due to its compability, durubality and strength its a favourite elements all over the world now. 

But, things you need to know before mixing the sand. Yes, you need to know which sand are best to use for construction.

We have seperated different kinds of Sands which are found all over the Nepal.

A. Concrete Sands

These types of sands are formed in quarry where stones are are crused into small particles. Small grains like dusts are filtered with the help of seperation converyer belts and fliter. As per survey from engineering perspective its a best sand which gives solid structure while mixing with Cements and aggregrate together. Mostly this types of sands are used in open space like patios, Base level or walking paths.Size might be litter bigger than white sand which can be find in markets.

2.Pit Sands

Pit sands are mostly found 3-5 meters under the land, mostly on mountanious region. Mostly its found in orange colors due to presense of iron oxide. Once its washed it losses it orange colors. These kind of coarse sand are effective if washed properly. Recommended by site engineers its best for colums,beams and base level with the appropriate mixture of cements and concrete commbined together. 

3. River/ Natural Sands

Everyone has a good knowledge about the sands found around rivers , it looks white with the presence of silica. These sand are formed from stones through natural process. Mostly all over the world its best used in mansory or plaster of walls.Due to its moisture and formation process its best recommended for structural layers.These types of sand are less in price comparatetive to other sand found in markets. Things you need to know is the lesser than 5% silica presense is best for use.


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