Decision to Stop allotment of land

The Supreme Court has ordered not to implement the decision of the Ministry of Land Management Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation to open the allotment of land. The Supreme Court on Monday said that a short-term interim order has been issued in accordance with Rule 49 (2) (b) of  the Supreme Court Rules 2074 to prevent the decision from being implemented.

The Supreme Court has asked the Ministry to submit a written reply through  the Attorney General's Office within 15 days with evidence if there is any  basis for not issuing the order as demanded.

The Supreme Court has fixed September 22 for the hearing of the interim order.  The ministry has also instructed not to implement the decision of September 3 for the same period.

Earlier, the ministry had said that the allotment of land was not fully open but it was  trying to make it more systematic and legal. The ministry had clarified that it was trying to make the allotment work more systematic and in accordance with the law based on the Land Use Act, Local Government Operation Act  and other issues based on the Supreme Court's order and the suggestion of the Commission  for Investigation of Abuse of Authority.


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