Things to consider before buying an Apartment

Most people go to cities for work or seeking work. When people first arrive in Kathmandu or move to any other city for work, it’s obvious that they will rent a room for the time being. The increasing population and high demand for rental houses have ensured that renting even a small room will cost a lot of money. And if you want to rent an apartment then it will cost you a fortune.

Even if you have a handsome salary, most of your salary will be spent on rent for sure. It’s only a matter of time before you realize paying heavy rents months after months isn’t feasible. Buying an apartment instead of renting it could be a wise decision for you in the long term. You could save up your monthly salary and invest in an apartment

Investing in a house or apartment isn’t a small step. You have to be careful about a lot of things. A lot of legal terms should be met and fulfilled while purchasing an apartment. The more careful you become, the safer your investment will be. . Here are some of the checklist of things you should do before buying an apartment.

Things to know before buying an apartment

Here are some of the quick tips you should follow before buying an apartment:

a) Make up your mind

Be clear on what area you prefer to buy an apartment in. This will help you focus on your main goals.

b) Try to get more value for money

By that, what we mean is to do proper and deep research on the current market, get knowledge about developmental works happening around that area, search if water and transportation facilities are easily accessible or not, and so on. This will also include talking to various real estate agents and independent valuers and compare their thoughts. In the end, it is you who will give the final verdict, so take some time and investigate thoroughly.

c) Visiting

Visiting most of the places that fit your criteria is of course the utmost and must-do step.

d) Get help from the trusted professionals

A lot of stress goes into searching for the right house or apartment for you. One of the easiest ways to get relief from your stress and save some time is to hire a trusted professional to do your job right. There are a lot of qualified and trusted real estate agents in the market who can provide you the best advice and guide you through every process step by step. Buying a house or apartment for the first time in a new city is always stressful and fearsome, in such cases, it is always a good idea to have someone trustworthy to look after the legal procedure for you.

e) Ghar Sansar 

Ghar Sansar Nepal is the best platform for you to buy and sell houses or apartments anywhere in Kathmandu and major cities. Let our professionals walk you through every vital step and make your first apartment purchase an excellent experience.

f) Access to daily life necessary things on your apartment

Hospitals, Schools, Public Transport, Big Marts, Gym, etc. have become the fundamental needs in our day-to-day life so, make sure you have these access to your apartment.

g) Traffic

One of the best venues to look after for an apartment is where traffic is average even in a peak hour, which is usually a few kilometers away from the city areas. A few minutes drive from the city to your home shouldn’t be a problem at all, considering you will be away from heavy traffic, pollution, and crowded places, where you can sleep well and enjoy your moment with family.

h) Know how old the apartment is

Many people seem to pass this test but you should always know when and how the building was built. Knowing how old the apartment is, you can guess whether it fits your criteria or not. Buying a very old apartment for a cheaper price to live in wouldn’t be the best decision in the long term.

i) Security

No matter how advanced, social, and civil we become, security is always the main concern for us no matter where we live. Making sure the apartment has all the necessary security measures that will protect you and your family during emergencies and unprecedented circumstances should be your main focus.

j) Maintenance Fees

Maintenance FeeOne of the other things to worry about is how much maintenance fees should you pay on a monthly or yearly basis. When you buy an apartment then a maintenance fee is the mandatory requirement. But you should only pay reasonable fees as per the services and securities you are receiving.

k) Parking Facilities

When you live in an apartment then it's obvious that you have to have parking facilities. Now, it’s important to make sure that whether you would get your own parking space and whether you should pay extra for the parking?


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