Top 3 real estate agency in Nepal

We know that the real estate business is growing in Nepal and it is one of the most promising fields. The real estate business offers exceptional profit for a small risk. In a democratic country like Nepal, the real estate price is always growing. The statistics also show that such prices will carry on rising in the future. Nepal is heaven for those who recognize this real estate business in one way or the other. Nepal is a land of enormous opportunities for those willing to dwell in the field of land and house buy and sell. 
Real estate agencies are growing in Nepal due to the profit they can earn from this business. Agencies help to determine what legal responsibilities you and the other party have. These agencies act as a mediator between the real owner and the buyer. Though the business has potential in the Nepalese market, it carries several threats as well. 

Here is the top 3 real estate agency in Nepal: 

Nepal Homes:

It is one of the popular real estate agencies in Kathmandu valley specializing in buying, selling as well as renting both land and house. The company has effectively dealt with hundreds of properties within Kathmandu Valley. The main person of the agency is Mr. Bikram Lama who leads the company. He is a young and energetic real estate professional who leads the company. Moreover, Mr. Suresh Tamang helps him in all the company’s property selling businesses. Nepal Homes believes in providing authentic, trusted, and reliable guidance to property buyers and sellers. Today, it stands out in the crowded real estate marketplace. The agency mostly deals with the properties from the key locations within the Kathmandu valley. 


It is a free Real Estate publicity stand for homeowners, landlords, real estate agents, and brokers. Mr. Binit Sharma is the co-founder of this agency. The agency offers home or property seekers extensive online platforms. This platform innovatively combines at a single stop and provides options for both renting and buying property apartment and locality reviews in Nepal. The agency has a comprehensive and verified database of apartments all over Nepal. Basobaas is well known for providing a vast repository of research on a host of property-related matters. This ranges from legal issues to facility management and home insurance. Basobaas is here to make your search easy for sale or rent of a property. You may use their geolocation mapping feature to find out your dream house or land. They will help you solve your problem in just a few seconds with the help of technology. 

Not only that, the agency offers its clients a wealth of knowledge regarding various aspects of purchase and sale. It will help you in the following ways: 

  • Helping you search for your dream home 
  • Discussion on real-estate developments in Nepal 
  • Assisting with the sale of your property 

    You may feel free to contact this agency if you require any help. 

Ghar- Sansar:

It is another popular real-estate agency in Nepal for buying, renting, selling, and leasing property. The agency is one of the leading real estate and rental marketplaces established to help customers. Ghar Sansar offers an online marketplace to buy or rent a house, apartment, and land in Nepal. Moreover, we allow you to gain knowledge about the latest prices of properties. They include land, houses, and apartments. The professional staffs at this company provide quality service at the best price. 

Some of its differentiating features include: 

  • Ensuring client satisfaction through hassle-free services in Nepal 
  • Gain customers’ trust through steady, reliable, and thorough information 

We hope that the information on the top 3 real estate agencies in Nepal was useful. If you are thinking to sell, buy or rent land and a house in Nepal, you may contact these agencies. Buying property is a very big decision. In that case, you need to take help from reliable agencies. Reliable agencies are mostly those who help you as a true friend. Serving clients is not just their business obligation but a responsibility. 



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