Your temple space key to your happiness.

Temple Vaastu (Pooja Room)


  • Take Care of the Height of the Temple.

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            As per Vaastu Shastra, the temple should always be installed a few inches above the Floor.

  • Wooden Temple

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            As indicated by Vaastu Shastra, a Temple should be made of Wood or Marble as it is auspicious and                brings in good lucks to your family.

  • Direction of Diya's and Candles

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          In a temple ,lighting is of utmost importance. So, whenever you are lighting Diya's or candles, keep                     them on the South-Eastern side of the the Temple.

  • Use the right Direction for the Temple

Vastu Shastra Tips For Pooja Room | Pooja rooms, Pooja room door design,  Prayer room

           As per Vaastu Shastra, the direction of the temple is of utmost importance. For installing a temple, Use                 North-Eastern or Eastern Side of the Home.

  • Few things to Take Care of while Installing a Temple.

           The Temple should not be next to a bathroom; not even above or beneath it.

  • Placement of God Statue.

           In a temple placement of the Statue is also important if one wants to reap the full benefits of Positive                 Energy.

Let Buddha Illuminate Your Home.

Buddha image | One Time, One Meeting

  • Keeping a Buddha Statue in the living room gives a peaceful ambiance to the space, especially if it is paced facing the main entrance.
  • A Buddha Statue that faces the entrance door doesn't just help attract positive energy ,it also deters negative forces from entering the home.
  • Placing a Buddha Statue on your Kids working desk or close to it, adds positive energy into the rooms, ad can help your child in his academics.
  • If you have a home office, Keeping a Buddha Statue in your work space or desk helps attract positive energy and brings success and prosperity.
  • Buddhist homes have the altar. The altar is usually placed in a prayer room.
  • When it comes to Buddha Statues, experts believes that bigger statues are better than smaller ones. If you have a garden or lawn, placing a Buddha Statue in a corner adds a calming and relaxing element to the settings.
  • If you have a space where you practice meditating or yoga , a statue in a meditating pose is best suited.





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