What Are Required Documents To Pass Land In NEPAL

Documents required to pass the map.
- A copy of the citizenship of the person concerned.
- Lot size map.
- Land rent payment certificate should also be submitted to the concerned office.
- Charkilla clarified document.

The basic condition specified by the government is to get the map of the residential building 
passed and to get the construction approval.

- The width of the road should be at least 6 meters and the minimum leftback should be 1.5 meters from the side of the road.

-The wall can be installed only by leaving the setback. The height of the wall can be a maximum of 4 feet and above that 3 feet of wire mesh.

- Wall, safety tank, including the map must be passed.

- No structures such as top, bardali, balcony etc. can be built within the jurisdiction of the road
 and shed back. It is not allowed to remove the top, bardali and balcony of more than one meter even within the building construction area.

- Banking and insurance transactions of the building cannot be done without completion certificate.

- It is not allowed to build a building on a slope of more than 30 degrees.

- The Department of Mines and Geology and the District Disaster Relief Committee will not be allowed to construct a building in the forbidden place.

- When constructing a house in an area of ​​up to 250 square meters, a building should be constructed by leaving 20 percent and at most 40 percent of the land vacant.

- In case the building is being constructed around the runway of the airport, 
the criteria specified by the Civil Aviation Authority should have been fulfilled. 

-If a building is to be constructed more than 500 meters from the outer boundary of the
runway or more than 17 meters, it must be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Municipalities outside the Kathmandu Valley should follow the building construction guideline 
2072 prepared by the Ministry of Urban Development

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