What You Should Do if Your Property is Still Not Sold Out ?

The reason why your property is still not sold out is due to 

  • 1) The location of the property - if it’s not in a good location, then it won’t be able to attract buyers.
  • 2) The wrong pricing - if the price is too high, then it will be very difficult for buyers to come and buy the property.
  • 3) Wrong advertisement plan - if you are advertising your property online or on social media platforms, then you need to make sure that the advertisement is well-designed and attractive enough so that people will want to visit your website and look at your property.
  • 4) The society - if there is something wrong with the society, then people might not want to live there because they don’t like what’s happening there or its environment is not good enough for them.
  • 5) Infrastructure - there could be many things missing in your locality like water, drainage system etc., which makes life difficult for people living there.
  • 6) Wrong color combination - when it comes to buying an house, people tend to choose one based on its color combination only but sometimes

If you have been searching for a property that is still available, but can't find it in the MLS ONLINE, chances are that there are some things that need to be taken care of before your property will sell.

  • 7) Floor plan  and room size- The first thing you should consider is your floor plan and room size. If you have an open floor plan, then it's more difficult than if your house has closed floor plans. This means that it takes more time to show people around the house, and they might not want to buy it right away because of this.If you have a large room size, then it also takes longer to show people around because they will have to walk through the entire house before they can see what all of the rooms look like.
  • 8) Parking and Garden space- The next thing you should check is parking and garden space. These factors affect how many people can visit at once without having trouble finding parking or losing their way in your garden space during an interview process (or even just walking around).
  • 9) Legal paper works- Another thing that could affect your ability to sell quickly is legal paper works of property not being clear enough for buyers to understand fully before signing on the dotted line with their offer letters/contracts/etcetera contracts

The property is not sold out because of several reasons.

  • 10) Kitchen space- The kitchen and dining size is one of the main reasons for not selling your property where we spend. 3 to 4 hours of our time. The kitchen and dining area should be small in size or have a small area. If you have large kitchen and dining room, it will be difficult to sell your property because the market is divided into 2 parts: one for single family houses and the other for apartments /condos. This is because single house buyers want a large kitchen and dining room while apartment / condo buyers want small kitchen and dining room.
  • 11) Vastushrastra- Vastu also plays an important role in selling your property. There are many myths which are related to selling properties such as ‘having a door in front of your house’ or ‘having an open space on top of your house’. Both these myths can cause serious problems when it comes to selling your property. If you live in an area that has many houses around yours, then there might be some negative energy coming from those houses which may affect negatively on sales of your home.

Another reason why people fail in selling their homes is due to environment of location (city, airplane fly zone area, industrials area, river area). These areas might have many things like traffic jams which may affect.

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